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Spring Creek’s Spring Back Fast Program: Your Fast Track from Hospital to Home

At Spring Creek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, our Spring Back Fast program is clinically designed to serve short-term rehabilitation patients coming from hospitals and medical centers for transitional care or specialized treatment before returning home.

Our interdisciplinary team coordinates care every step of the way --- before you’re ever even admitted to our center and then again after you leave us --- so patients get the focused, specialized, individual attention they need to improve health outcomes and avoid landing back in the hospital.

With Spring Back Fast, after initial evaluations, a rehabilitation team evaluates therapy needs and designs an individualized program within 24 hours of admission. Clinical and medical evaluations and patient goals are measured and tracked throughout the entire stay. Even after discharge, Spring Creek follows up for 30 days, with home evaluations offered to all patients to avoid hospital readmissions.

And all of this takes place in Spring Creek’s newly renovated short-term rehabilitation unit, which is housed separately from the long-term care facility. It features a new and improved rehabilitation gym that includes equipment used by NFL players. A unique “daily activities center” helps patients prepare for household tasks such as cooking and cleaning to ensure individuals remain independent after returning home.

Jerry D. is pictured in Spring Creek's resident-run library.

Jerry, a long-term resident who initially required physical therapy to restore some basic functions, credits the hard work of Spring Creek’s physical therapy staff in enabling her to walk again.

“When I came here, I was very, very sick, and they really helped me,” Jerry said. “My doctor at that time really rescued me. They sent me to therapy because I couldn’t walk at that time, I couldn’t stand up. I was pretty much stuck in the chair, but now I can stand up without batting an eye. And I can walk now, which is just a huge accomplishment.”

For more information about short-term rehabilitation at Spring Creek, click here.

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