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Spring Creek Offers Unique Wound Care Treatment

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

Wounds can be devastating. They can derail a patient’s entire rehabilitation or recovery and lead to further complications. At Spring Creek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, we do more than any skilled nursing facility in the region to control this problem.

Led by board-certified and nationally known wound care specialist and surgeon Dr. Aaron Blom, a highly trained, specialized staff oversees a structured program to prevent wounds and treat wounds when and if they develop.

“People are not coming to Spring Creek because they have a wound; they come first and foremost for the rehabilitation and care. But patients and residents with wounds greatly complicate the situation,” says Dr. Blom.

Upon arrival, patients receive a comprehensive full-body skin assessment to look for any indication of a problem. Patients’ nutritional needs are examined to determine what, if any, supplementation is needed for healing or to prevent a wound from occurring. If a wound develops, Dr. Blom and his team have the expertise to address the problem and quickly begin the healing process.

“If there isn’t a wound doctor on-site, then patients have to be sent out to a separate wound center for treatment,” Dr. Blom said. “These patients then miss their activities, physical therapy sessions or meals. Aside from receiving less care, it becomes a huge inconvenience, and that’s why our program is so critical.”

The skin is the largest organ in the body. A breakdown in any way is an invitation for infection, general illness, and other problems that can complicate the healing process and getting better. With so much at stake, patients can feel confident that at Spring Creek, they are receiving the best possible wound care.

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