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Clinically Designed Programs to Help Short-Term Rehab Patients

There are occasions when we all need extra time and extra care before returning home after an injury or illness.

At Spring Creek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, our goal is to help patients transition safely across care settings so they can reach their highest level of function and regain independence.

Our medical team includes an on-site physiatrist and trained therapists. These professionals work together to help you get healthy and stay healthy ... so you get home faster.

Spring Creek’s newly renovated rehabilitation unit, with 53 private and semi-private beds, is housed separately from our long-term care services.

This distinct unit features a rehabilitation gym, which includes a unique “daily activities center” to fully prepare patients for their return home. And, our unit features the same state-of-the-art equipment that NFL players use.

You don’t take a break from getting well. We never stop helping. Our therapy services operate seven days a week to help you recover faster.

About Spring Creek’s Rehabilitation Services:

  • Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapies

  • Therapy Services Seven Days Per Week

  • Therapeutic Recreation

  • Seven-Day Per Week Admissions

  • After-Hours Admissions

  • In-Network with Most HMOs

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