Activities & Amenities

At Spring Creek, we recognize the importance of keeping those in our care active, regardless of their length of stay, and in keeping families engaged. We provide residents, patients and families with a full suite of concierge services, and our activities team offers a wide range of options for fulfilling engagement.


Comprehensive Concierge Service

TV and Phone Service

On-Demand, Always-Available Menu

Family Meals Available

Complementary Transportation to Dialysis & Physicians

Beautiful Outdoor Garden Courtyard


Art Therapy
Music Therapy
Resident-run Library
Community Social Events
Outside Performers
Faith-based Fellowship Groups

“I went to the administration and asked if I could start a library, and they said sure, and they gave me this room. We collected donated books from local churches. I went around to the nurses’ stations and they brought in books, too. And pretty soon I had so many books I didn’t know what to do. They were everywhere. We’re close to 3,000 books now.”

Jerry, long-term care resident

Call 717-565-7000 to learn more about the activities and amenities offered at Spring Creek. 

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